Camp N.O.A.H.

Who are we?

Daily Bible Activities

The main focus of camp N.O.A.H. is spending time rightly dividing the word of God. One of the greatest opportunities at camp is spending time with like-minded people who are focused on learning more about our God.

Cabin Devotions


Bible Class

Each afternoon campers are divided into an age appropriate Bible class where a male staff member leads the discussion focused around that mornings lecture.

Each morning and evening, cabins have a 30 minute devotional. Cabin councilors lead the devotions in the younger cabins, and campers lead the devotions in the older cabins.

Each morning, a male staff member gives a lecture focused on the topic chosen for the year. In the evening, one of the older male campers gives a devotional for the whole camp.

The Staff

The staff members at camp N.O.A.H. are members of the church from all over the nation who volunteer their time to make the week possible. Each staff member is there to be a light to the campers around them and help provide a Godly atmosphere whether it be in the cabin or during daily activities. Most of the staff have children who are currently at camp or have attended in years past.


Each day campers have opportunity to compete team against team in volleyball and ultimate Frisbee. Campers are split into juniors and seniors to insure everyone has a good time. Water breaks happen throughout the duration of athletic to insure everyone stays hydrated.

Meal Time




End the day with a homemade meal like poppyseed chicken, tacos, fresh salad bar and  pulled pork sandwiches.

Start the morning off right with home made meals like biscuits and gravy, egg, bacon and fresh fruit.

After athletics come enjoy a lunch like hamburgers, hot dogs, homemade pizza and a salad bar.


Bed time snacks are provided each evening to make sure no one goes to bed hungry.

Cabins housing is based on gender and age. There is not much time spent in the cabin other than evening hour activities and sleeping. Whether it be cards, flashlight tag or learning about God’s word, the cabin is a place to have fun and get to know other kids your age. To make sure everyone gets enough sleep during the week, lights out is at 10:00 p.m. Lights out means quiet talking and story telling, but not for too long!

Archery: includes instruction in safety and handling of bows. plenty of target shooting.  this class fills up quickly, so sign up early! (Do not bring own bows or arrows to camp)

Advanced Art: Skills are taught in this class.  must have taken basic art class before. (3rd period only.)

Art: Skills will be taught in drawing and painting.  we’ll provide the art supplies. (2nd period only.)

Bible Journaling: Campers will learn techniques on taking bible notes in a journal fashion.  

Clay Molding: Campers will work with polymer clay to make many different objects that they can take home with them. Always a popular class, so register early!

Crafts:This class will make several craft items during the week and taken home at the end of camp.  

Creative Desserts: Learn how to make various deserts for those special occasions. This class is very tasty!

Drama: Campers will be actively engaged in practices throughout the week in preparation for the  drama production on friday at the end of camp week.  

Games Galore: Campers will spend the activity period playing various board games, card games and yard games.  (i.e. uno, life, clue etc.) This time will not be used as a free period.  Sign up only if you enjoy playing games.

Gun Safety: instructions will be given on gun safety by a certified BSA instructor. air rifles will be provided for this class, do not bring your own air rifles or ammo to camp!

Model Rockets: Campers will build a rocket kit during the week and then launch them at the end of the week.

Pinewood Derby Racing: Campers will build a pinewood derby car and then race their car at the end of the week.

Science Class: Experience a science class that brings everyday science to life while having fun.

Sling Shots: Includes instruction in safety and handling of sling shots with plenty of target shooting.(Do not bring your own equipment to camp)

Swimming: Boys 1st period and girls 3rd period. (Boys & girls separate swim times)

Tie Dye: Make a very unusual T-shirt. Each campers is given one t-shirt , but may also bring additional white cotton (pre-washed with no fabric softener) t-shirts or socks. (1st period only)

Tin Punch: Learn the skill of making incredible keepsakes out of tin.

Activity Classes

Special Events

On Wednesday and Friday special team events like field day and olympics take place were teams compete in a scavenger hunt, obstacle course and other fun activities.

Staff and Campers have opportunity to participate in the annual talent show where stars are born! Whether it be singing a song, putting on a skit or playing an instrument, all are welcome to perform. You don’t want to miss “staff infection” playing some of the traditional camp N.O.A.H. songs like goober peas, dead skunk and itchy twitchy spot.

Talent Shows

Cabin Inspections

Everyone's favorite part of camp...not! Each morning when campers wake up they must tidy up around the cabin. The more you clean the better score you get on morning cabin inspections and the sooner you get to eat at dinner. Cabin inspections were created to insure a pleasant environment in the cabins and to keep out unwelcome critters.

Things to Bring to Camp

-Sleeping bag & pillow (or twin size bedding)

-6 pairs of Shorts (below the knee)

-6 shirts (no sleeveless, one "theme" shirt, this year is   favorite sports team)

-6 pairs of socks

-6 undies

-Pajamas (however many your child needs for 6 nights)

-Bible (electric not permitted)

-Shower shoes

-Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo,   conditioner, body wash, DEODORANT, contact case &   solution, glasses & case, feminine products, face wash)

-Shower caddy to tote items to shower house

-Hair brush, hair ties & detangler

-Towel & washrag/ pouf

-Beach towel & modest swim wear (if signed up for  swimming)

-We also pack an extra outfit usually. You know your   child, so if they get extremely sweaty or need to   change after getting wet then they may need   additional outfits.


-2 pairs of tennis shoes (no sandals) we like an extra   pair in case one gets wet

-Sweatshirt for chilly nights

-Rain coat if calling for rain

-Water bottle

-Trash bag or laundry bag for dirty clothes

-Bug spray


-Medicine - labeled & turned into the nurse at check in

-Store money - turned in at check in

-Camp forms - signed & notarized - turned in at check-in  (with payment if not already paid)

-Helpful tips:

 Use a fine point sharpie to label items - write on tags   or seams to avoid bleeding through

 For littles, I put their daily outfits in a gallon size ziploc   bag (lay shorts on floor, place shirt, socks & undies on   top, then roll & put in bag).

 Make sure their name is written in the front of their   Bible & on their water bottle

Free Time

Free time was created so that the campers could have a break between activities. Free time is a great time to go to the candy store or call home. Free time does not mean a free-for-all, staff are still supervising.  

A Watchful Eye

You can be certain that your children are in good hands. Staff members are there to supervise campers every step of the way. Campers are never allowed to go off on their own; the buddy system is strictly enforced.  

Candy Store

During camp registration parents can choose to put money in their kids’ account so that they can get candy throughout the week. But, don’t be worried, the candy store ladies are staff members who make sure to limit the kids’ spending. A piece or two a day insures that their money lasts all week.

Campers have opportunity to pick drama for one of their activity classes. Throughout the week the campers will work on a drama production that they perform on Friday night for the camp and guests.

Drama Production

Each day campers attend their selected activity classes. The classes are run by staff members and last 50 minutes each. This is a fun time to make a keepsake or compete against other campers to see who is the best shot.

Registration Day

When you arrive at camp you will be greeted in the parking lot by some of the staff members. After loading your luggage into the luggage carts you will be pointed towards the directors cabin. The directors cabin is the place you will turn in your signed parent/camper agreement form, pay for camp (if you haven’t already done so), put money into the camper’s candy store account, and receive your camp lecture book. On the porch of the directors cabin is where you pick up your team bandana. The nurses cabin is where you turn in your notarized medical form and any medications that the camper will need during the week. Once these things are completed the camper can then go to their cabin to meet their cabin councilors and get their bunk set up.

Mail Time

Each day at lunch, mail is handed out to campers, so parents are encouraged to send their child mail throughout the week. Just make sure to put the camp’s address (5600 W. Sylvania Ave. Toledo, OH 43623) and the camper’s name. Sending mail at the beginning of the week is best to ensure it arrives during camp week.

Cabin Awards

At the end of the week, cabin councilors give each camper in their cabin a cabin award. Cabin awards are based on the characteristics a camper has displayed throughout the week. Receiving a cabin award and hearing why you got it is always a special part of the week.  

Pizza Party

On Friday night, campers who are fourteen and older go to the annual pizza party. After a short devotion, campers  hang out and play games like pictionary. The pizza party is a special way to end the week together and is always a blast. Individual cabin parties are also put on by cabin councilors for those who are not old enough to attend the pizza party.

Become Part of the Camp N.O.A.H Family!

Things Not Allowed At Camp

To ensure that everyone has a fun time at camp we make it a point not to allow certain things during everyday activities.

Do not bring your own equipment for activity class.  BB guns, slingshots and archery equipment will be provided by the instructors.

Although cell phones are allowed at camp, they can only be used during free time for the purpose of calling home. For young campers who need to call home, a phone will be made available.

No electronic Bibles of any kind are allowed at camp. All campers need to bring a hard copy to use during devotionals and lectures.

All medication must be given to the camp nurse.  Campers are not allowed to carry their own medications at any time. Arrangements will be made with the nurse for campers who must carry an inhaler or EpiPen.  

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Camp N.O.A.H. is a week-long, non-profit summer camp located in Toledo Ohio. Camp N.O.A.H. has no affiliation with any organization or church. The staff are Christians who volunteer their time to provide a week of Bible teaching in a fun and moral atmosphere.

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Cabin Atmosphere

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Second Family Member $210

Each Additional Family Member  $170
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